Maxpower Automotive Limited Maxpower Automotive Limit produces manipulated tube assemblies, presswork, spun components and fabrications for the automotive and other industries. Considering it context and condition of the environment in which The Company operates, the management of Maxpower is committed to the continual improvement of the environmental management systems the company is aware of the impact of its activities on the environment and will endeavour to control energy usage, reduce waste and minimise any pollution risk. To this end the top management of Maxpower will:

1) Ensure it complies fully with relevant environmental compliance obligation and protect the environment with good environmental practises.

2) Set objectives for continual improvement of its environmental performance.

3) Co-operate with national and local government authorities charged with responsibilities for the regulation and monitoring of business activities likely to have an adverse effect upon the environment.

4) Adopt procedures to identify and assess risks to the environment currently posed by its products and methods used for their production, and identify and assess effects on the environment of proposed changes in products or methods of production.

5) Work with its customers and suppliers in the protection of the environment.

6) Inform, instruct and train its employees in the proper handling, discharge and disposal of substances likely to harm the environment.

This policy will be made available on demand to any interested party.